Looking Back on a Decade of Young Farmers

We turn the mic on Lindsey this week for the finale episode of our first season of the Young Farmers 播客. The National Young Farmers Coalition’s Sophie Ackoff, 政策和宣传副总裁, 和霍莉·里彭-巴特勒, 土地使用权 Program Director, join Lindsey in the studio to talk about the early years of the Coalition, 大[…]

大麻,CBD和美国.S. 绿色热潮

Today we dive into the heady world of industrial hemp. Hemp is no longer just for Canadian cereal companies and scratchy beige t-shirts. This low-THC strain of cannabis, think of it as the well behaved fraternal twin to marijuana, is, 2018年农业法案生效, a legal crop in all 50 states. 而[…]

谁拥有你.S. 农田?

The biggest problem faced by farmers across the country is access to land. 谁拥有它, who rents it—it all has a big impact on the kind of food we grow and who has economic opportunity in rural communities. Young Farmers’ 土地使用权 Program Director, 冬青Rippon-Butler, sits down with Megan Horst, 城市[…]教授

Looking to 2020: 气候行动, the Farm Crisis, and Politics in Rural America

Lindsey speaks with Matt Russell, an Iowa farmer and executive director of Iowa Interfaith Power and Light, an organization that brings people of all faiths together in conversation about critical issues, like climate change and the future of rural America. Matt sees an opportunity for farmers to be on the forefront of climate innovation 和[…]

“Growing Pennsylvania’s Future” with Karen Gardner

“We need to understand the challenges young farmers are facing regionally in order to create solutions.” Lindsey checks in with Karen Gardner, National Young Farmers Coalition’s Pennsylvania Policy Associate, about what she’s hearing from beginning farmers in PA, and the upcoming Pennsylvania Young Farmers Report, “Growing Pennsylvania’s Future: Challenges Facing Young Farmers and Recommendations to […]

Kate Greenberg: Young Farmer Becomes Colorado’s Commissioner of Agriculture

Lindsey talks with Kate Greenberg, Colorado’s new Commissioner of Agriculture, and former Western Program Director with the National Young Farmers Coalition. Lindsey and Kate check in about what it’s been like to be the youngest person, 第一位女性, to hold this role in Colorado, as well as Colorado’s plans to address climate change, 土地[…]

Mai Nguyen and the 2019 California Young Farmers Report

California produces more food than any other state in the nation. 超过三分之一的美国人.S. vegetables and two-thirds of U.S. fruits and nuts are grown in California. But drought, wildfire, and the impacts of climate change are increasing across the state. 农民们过得怎么样? And how are the young farmers doing? 林赛说[…]

Census Results Are In: We Need #MOREFARMERS

上周, the USDA’s NASS released the results of the 2017 Census of Agriculture, the first count in over five years of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who run them. What do we know now about the state of agriculture in this country? Lindsey talks with Erin Foster West, Young Farmers’ federal policy […]

What Could the Green New Deal Mean for the Future of Ag?

2月7日, 2019 Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey introduced a resolution in Congress recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal. The resolution starts by listing the many ways that climate change will devastate this country, 包括大规模移民, 森林大火, a trillion dollars of economic damage, 和[…]